A Checklist to Returning to Office After COVID

The state of returning to work

“Which companies are returning to office?”

  • Google: Mandatory in-office three days per week starting April 4. Remote work extensions will be available for some, and employees can request to switch locations.
  • Apple: Mandatory three days per week starting April 11.
  • JP Morgan Chase: Reopened offices on February 1, and has been office-first since.
  • Microsoft: Individual managers are determining whether employees can stay remote by March 28.
  • Twitter: Reopened offices on March 15, but says employees who want to work from home permanently can do so.

The return-to-work disconnect: is returning to the office important?



Checklist: is returning to the office right for you?

Cost effectivity

  • Can your company afford an office location?
  • What would an office add to their employee experience?
  • Are there more innovative ways to craft collective working spaces?

Fitting with industry standards

  • Why do you think your industry is shifting to or away from the office?
  • Is your industry tech-forward, or are they relying on analog systems to track finances, payroll, or paperwork that necessitate an office?

COVID concerns

  • Have you asked employees how they feel about transitioning back to the office given COVID?
  • Does your workplace have any educational resources on COVID or vaccines? Would that fit with your company culture?

Creative solutions

  • Which problems do your employees have with working from home?
  • What do they like about working in an office?
  • Has your company tried initiatives to implement to tackle WFH burnout (complementary telehealth sessions, virtual fitness challenges, virtual coffee networking, home office stipends, etc.)? What works, and what doesn’t?



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